Use And Improve What You’ve Got

December 18, 2018


Let’s talk about making your business more profitable.


Sure, you could go out and create a new product or come up with an entirely new stream of revenue. But that takes a lot of time and energy.


Let’s look at a much easier way to improve you bottom line – using what you’ve already got. 


Start by seeing what you can do to get more traffic to your site. Read up on Search Engine Optimization to get more free traffic from Google. If you’re not already adding fresh content regularly, now is a great time to start blogging a few times a week. Fresh content will bring fresh visitors to your site and encourage your existing readers to keep coming back. 


Make it easy to share your content via social media. Add some Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons to your site along with some attention grabbing images. It’s a good idea to get more active on social media yourself to grow your audience and drive engagement. 


Once you have more traffic coming to your site, it’s time to test. Start with your opt in boxes and see if you can’t improve what percentage of visitors share your email with them. Once they are on your list, you get a chance to get back in touch, build a relationship with your readers and eventually sell them something. 


Since we’re talking about emails, lets’ stay on that topic for a minute. Look through the emails you’re currently sending to your subscribers – be it via an auto responder, a blog broadcast or broadcast emails. What can you do to get better at email marketing? Are you mailing frequently enough? Are you making offers? Are you gaining your readers’ trust and building a relationship? Work on becoming a better email marketer to see better results quickly. 


Next take a look at your current products. Can you improve the sales pages? Can you improve and add to the products themselves to warrant a higher price point? Can you bundle a few of your current products into a higher priced item? 


Last but not least, take a look at all the fresh content you’ve been writing. How can you repurpose it and get the most mileage out of every word you’ve written? Can you combine several blog posts into a short report or even a Kindle book? Can you expand on the idea and make it the basis for a new information product? Can you offer a paid coaching programs on the topics, using your content as the basis for the training modules? 


Get in the habit of using, reusing and improving what you already have. Your bottom line will thank you.



Kimberly Nielsen, Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA #75533

350 Treemonte Dr., Orange City, FL  32763


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