What is Corporate/ Employee Wellness Anyways?

February 27, 2017


Nuwati Bodywork, among many other companies across the United States is beginning to offer corporate or employee wellness programs to businesses of all size and shapes.  But what exactly is corporate wellness?  And what would it look like in my business?


There is a shift happening in the workplace... And this isn't just a fad.  The up and coming generation of young employees and young leaders are demanding a new way of doing business.  Like it or not, those young employees are the ones who are working in your company and before long they will be the ones LEADING YOUR BUSINESS INTO THE FUTURE.  


These young employees are demanding a wholistic balance unlike anything we've ever seen.  They grew up watching their parents get used up, depleted and wrung out.  They grew up at babysitters and day cares while both parents slaved away trying to make ends meet.  This new generation is willing to work hard and pour their soul into work, but only for something they believe in - something with integrity... and only if the company provides them with the tools and resources to stay healthy, spend time with family and have the best of all worlds.


If we cannot provide this, our young people will find someone who can - or they will go build something that can.  And then this will become our greatest competitor.


They young generation comping up places a high value on human dignity and a balanced life.  Corporate/ employee wellness programs are one way businesses can begin to meet those needs for employees of all ages.  If we can refuel the human energy source with in-house services offered during the workday, our employees will rise up, be more creative, and more productive.  They will begin to WANT TO BE AT WORK and in turn will be our best advocate and most powerful marketing machine.


There are countless ways in which a company can provide wellness services.  The ones Nuwati Bodywork offers are the shown below:

Mental Health Days

Employee Appreciation Day Events

Mindfulness Classes

Posture Classes

Chair Massage


Nuwati Bodywork can also partner with local businesses to bring additional services such as yoga, boot camps, movement classes, tai chi, and more.


If you are in the least bit curious how corporate/ employee wellness can benefit your workplace, lets set up a free 30-minute strategy session to evaluate your business needs.



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