How You Can Stress Less (part 4/5)

April 12, 2016


Work it Out...

Whether you're in business for yourself and you're juggling several different hats, or your working in an organization and constantly struggling to do more work with less manpower; we as human beings have a limited supply of energy.  We are not machines.  We get worn down.  We slow down, make mistakes, and attract negativity.  It's a vicious cycle.


It seems counterproductive, but if we take time out of our day for ourselves to workout, exercise, walk, or play a sport, we are able to release tension pent up from a sense of overwhelm and yet simultaneously give our body a boost of energy.  If you want to do more with less, you have to find ways to renew your energy.  Sleep, exercise, having fun, or being in nature are all ways to rejuvenate so you can be more creative and more productive on the job.

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