How You Can Stress Less (part 1/5)

March 18, 2016


It will still be there tomorrow...

Thi is one thing my colleage, now husband, once told me in response to my chronic need to "over work".  It will still be there tomorrow.  You don't ae to try and get everything done in one day.  You do what you can and then you go home.  The rest will still be there in the morning.


Perhaps this was me hiding from life by burying myself in my work... Perhaps this was me always trying to prove myself...


In the end, my job was never reliant on my work ethic as much as it was reliant on corporate politics.  In the end, I lost the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with my oldest son.


Remember that life does not start and stop in the office.  You are NOT your job.  Go out and participate in life.

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How You Can Stress Less (part 1/5)

March 18, 2016

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